Relax at the Vapor Caves in Glenwood Springs

Detail of the small cave entrance with sunny wooded mountains outside

Whether you’re searching for a unique date night or need a day of relaxation all to yourself, the Vapor Caves in Glenwood Springs are a mystifying place you must visit! To get access to the Vapor Caves, you’ll need to visit Yampah Spa & Salon, where the caves are located in their historic hot springs mountain retreat. Learn more about the caves and what you can expect during your visit, courtesy of Glenwood Springs Ford.

What Should I Expect from My Visit to the Vapor Caves?

What are the Vapor Caves Near Glenwood Springs?

First thing’s first, let’s talk about what the caves actually are. The Vapor Caves are naturally occurring underground hot mineral water steam baths. Hot mineral waters sourced from the hillside behind the spa run through the floors of the cave at 125 degrees Fahrenheit, which creates a natural geothermal steam bath that contains 34 beneficial therapeutic minerals, including sulfate, nitrate, zinc, and potassium.

After checking in at Yampah Spa for your Vapor Caves experience, you’ll be led down a stairway that will take you to a stone corridor leading to three adjoining caves. Upon entering, you’ll feel all your troubles and stresses melt away while you relax on a marble bench in a rocky hollow, or breathe in the calming steam vapors in a warm cave chamber.

How Hot are the Vapor Caves?

The temperatures of the caves usually run at 110 – 112 degrees Fahrenheit, and when you visit, you’ll be encouraged to enjoy them for 10 – 12 minutes at a time, taking a break in between in a cooling room. There will also be cold water and small baths available for cooling down.

What Else is There to Do at the Vapor Caves?

Before or after you experience the warm caves, you can treat yourself to a massage, facial, herbal body treatment, or private mineral bath at Yampah Spa. Visitors are not required to book a reservation to access the caves, but it is strongly recommended if you want to secure a spot.

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