Glenwood Springs Ford Donates $1,000 for Dealership Families Affected by the Louisiana Floods

August 25th, 2016 by


Glenwood Springs Ford has honored the request from the National Automobile Dealership Association (NADA) for dealerships to donate $1,000 to assist families affected by the Louisiana floods. It’s second nature to our “Code of the West” principles which pledge to be a proactive part of the community and helping out wherever we can. Family is family, no matter what, and even though Louisiana is miles away from Colorado, there are plenty of people that lost a lot from these floods; people who are a part of the collective dealership family we call our own. While we’re confident that our contribution will help out those in need, we hope that our contribution encourages others to also provide help, and show what can happen when a business community comes together for the greater good.

NADA’s $2 Million Goal For Assistance

The Louisiana floods have seriously impacted over 1,000 dealership families from 60 different locations, which prompted NADA to create these emergency relief funds. Immediate restorative measures are needed, as well as repairs that will take a long time, and it is the hope that members of the organization will quickly come to their fellow kinship’s aid.

NADA’s special funds have been helping dealership employees and their families since 1992, with their emergency monies amounting to almost $5 million going towards 8,500 plus employees. Due to the unpredictability and often devastating effects of natural disasters, sustaining the funds is paramount, in order to help care for people in difficult and debilitating times. Donations are tax-deductible, and are distributed directly to the employees, with any administrative fees covered by NADA. The organization accepts donations via check or online payments, and informs the state that funds are available for immediate use towards the intended purpose.

Join Glenwood Springs Ford in Assisting Flood Victims

Glenwood Springs Ford swiftly responded to NADA’s call for assistance, so we’re now hoping that other dealerships join us in this imperative cause! Show your commitment to being a part of the solution in the relief efforts for flood victims, and contribute $1,000 to the emergency funds. Everyone coming together can make a difference in rebuilding lives, morale, and livelihood. Want to volunteer with other organizations as well? Learn how we give back to the community through other organizations.

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