Technology Features in the 2016 Ford Super Duty

2016 Ford Super Duty green

You’re probably already privy to the season’s best-kept secret: the 2016 Ford Super Duty offers drivers the tops in power and performance, with a breath-taking drivetrain capable of churning out massive amounts of horsepower and high rates of efficiency. At the same time, you probably already know that the Super Duty is jam-packed with strong safety systems to keep you and your passengers secure. But you might not know that the Super Duty also offers you a plethora of technology features. Read on for the details.


2016 Ford Super Duty technologySYNC is Ford’s impressive connectivity system, which allows you and your passengers to stay connected throughout the drive simply by plugging your smartphones into the truck.

Premium Sony Audio

With its powerful Sony Audio System, the Super Duty ensures top-notch sound quality and a booming bass, transforming this truck into a mobile concert hall.

SiriusXM Satellite Radio

The Super Duty additionally offers you streaming internet radio stations and SiriusXM Satellite access, enabling you to increase the range of musical and news offerings given to you during your drive.

Steering-Wheel Mounted Audio Controls

2016 Ford Super Duty DashEmbedded in the steering wheel, the Super Duty’s audio controls allow you to make adjustments to the volume of your music as well as to select between different songs without ever taking your hands off the wheel.

Hill Start Assist

With Hill Start Assist, the Super Duty can prevent you from slipping once you start the truck on an incline by locking up the brakes until you’ve given the vehicle enough power to take off.

Explore Smart Driving in the 2016 Ford Super Duty!

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