What is Ford Credit?

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Drivers in Rifle who are searching for a new Ford can take advantage of a Ford Credit plan to get great benefits like flexible terms and payment relief in dire situations. Ford Credit is the financial branch of the Ford Motor Company, and with three different options available, securing a plan that works well for your financial situation is simple. Explore the details of Ford Credit with Glenwood Springs Ford below.

Buying vs. Leasing

Ford Credit allows you to buy or lease, and your choice ultimately depends on what you’d like to do with your vehicle and how long you like to drive your cars for. Here are details on buying vs. leasing with Ford Credit:


  • Standard Purchase: With the Standard Purchase plan you’ll get flexible payment terms, and it’s perfect for those who like to customize their vehicle with Ford parts and accessories. You won’t have any mileage limitations, and with each payment you make, you’ll feel great knowing you’re building equity for your next new Ford purchase. New, used, and certified pre-owned vehicles can all be bought with a Standard Purchase plan.
  • Flex Buy: Flex Buy offers a unique payment plan with lower payments during the first few years of ownership. However, you’re required to buy a new vehicle in order to qualify, and you’ll need to stick to one available term.


  • Red Carpet Lease: If you prefer to lease your vehicles, the Red Carpet Lease offers a variety of terms and plenty of benefits, including seven available mileage options. With the Advanced Payment Program, you can settle all lease payments at once, and for less than you would have paid month-to-month. There are also exciting opportunities at the end of your Red Carpet Lease. You can buy or lease a new Ford, purchase the current vehicle at a previously agreed upon price, or return the vehicle.

Benefits of Ford Credit

The Ford Credit program was designed with Grand Junction drivers like you in mind. You can learn more about the car buying process so you feel confident when you head to the dealership, and you’ll always get personal assistance from Ford financial specialists. Better yet, if ever you have an accident, fall ill, or need payment relief following a natural disaster, your Ford specialists will be there to help.

Buy or Lease Your Next Ford Vehicle with Ford Credit at Glenwood Springs Ford

When you’re ready to buy or lease a new Ford Escape or Ford Edge, simply contact us to schedule a test drive and get the financing process started. Our Ford professionals will be there for you every step of the way as you find your dream Ford model for Denver commutes.

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